All students must be accepted to UCF before applying to the Bachelor of Design in Architecture program. Standard admissions requirements for transfer students must be met for a student to be accepted to UCF.

The program is restricted-access and requires an additional admission process:

  • The Architecture Pre-Requisites must be met.
  • Students from institutions other than Valencia College must have their transcripts evaluated.
  • All applicants are selected for the Bachelor of Design in Architecture program by a competitive ranking process, according to cumulative scores (a combination of overall GPA, architectural GPA and pin-up review score).
    • The committee evaluation model for admissions decisions is based on a pre-set point system:
      • Overall GPA (4.0 scale) 1 point
      • Architectural GPA (4.0 scale) 2.5 points
      • Pin-up Review 2.5 points.
  • All students interested in the Bachelor of Design in Architecture will be required to participate in a Pin-Up Review. View Pin-Up Details.