Start at Valencia College after high school graduation:

As a partner with UCF, Valencia College is the most direct option for preparing yourself for the UCF Architecture program. Students who attend Valencia should complete the Associate of Arts degree in the Architecture Pre-Major offered. (Students who have previously earned an AA from a Florida public institution only need to complete the Architecture Pre-Requisites. This program ensures completion of the state of Florida General Education Program as well as the 10 required pre-requisites for the UCF Architecture Program. The further benefit of attending Valencia College is the Direct Connect to UCF® program offered as collaboration between the two institutions. Students who participate in the program and successfully complete an AA degree from Valencia College are guaranteed admission* to the University of Central Florida. While an application to UCF and the Bachelor of Design in Architecture program is still required, candidates from Valencia College are usually competitive applicants to the Architecture program. Admission to the UCF Architecture program is competitive and not guaranteed by DirectConnect to UCF.

*Consistent with university policy

Start at UCF after high school graduation:

If you are a First Time in College (FTIC) student and admitted to the University of Central Florida, you can work with the School of Visual Arts and Design Advising Office to prepare yourself for the Architecture program. This route will have you taking the General Education Program requirements for UCF at the UCF main campus while traveling to the Valencia West campus as a transient student to complete the nine required Architecture Pre-Requisites. Physics (PHY 2053C) can be taken at UCF if you are a current student. If this is the option that applies to you, the contact information for the department advising office: