Applicants must present samples of their best architectural design studio work from the Design 1-4 courses. UCF utilizes the platform Conceptboard to provide each student with an individual virtual space to produce their exhibit, that will be provided at the time of Pin-Up to each qualifying student.

  • Fit exhibit on a 4ft x 7ft board (not provided by UCF). The board will be displayed vertically.
  • The upper 24 inches of the pin-up board must include only work from Design 1 and Design 2 (students may choose to use work from one or both of their first-year studios in this area). No work from Design 3 or 4 should appear in the upper 24 inches of your board. The remaining area of the board must include work from both Design 3 and Design 4. Other work may also be displayed in this section.
  • Affix all work to the board with T-pins or push pins only. No nails or adhesives.
  • Display models on the floor set-up directly in front of the board. They may be placed on concrete blocks, card board boxes or similar items. Photograph larger pieces of three-dimensional work and mount them with other two-dimensional work on the board. Students will be afforded 18 inches in front of their boards to display physical models.
  • Keep the focus on your work. An exhibit’s format should not distract from the work. Elaborate displays are discouraged and can be detrimental to exhibits.
  • Cover all personally identifiable information on any work, as all exhibits are to be anonymous.